Sunday, March 18, 2007

More than $200,000 raised in Northport for St. Baldricks

Rebecca Terry, in photo, a 5th grader at Ocean Avenue Elementary watched calmly as her foot-long brunette waves of hair were removed from her head with an electric razor and placed in a plastic storage bag to ensure they stayed safe until they reached their next destination, Locks of Love.
Like St. Baldrick’s Day, Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that aims to help children suffering from an illness. In Locks of Love’s case, the organization provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under age 18 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis.
Rebecca said in St. Baldricks she saw a perfect opportunity to help both causes. She had some personal motivation to help kids with cancer, as well because her mother, Robin Terry, suffered from the disease four years ago.
While it’s much more common for males to participate in the annual head-shaving party/fundraiser, Rebecca said she had no qualms despite being a bit nervous when she first sat down in the cutting chair on the stage at Napper Tandy’s. “I was a little nervous at first but I really wanted to get it all off,” she said. “It’s very high maintenance.” As part of Team Ocean Avenue, Rebecca raised more
Another one of the few young girls who shaved her head Saturday, Northport Middle School sixth-grader Jaime Borden, had a little extra support from her mom, Donna Markette, who shaved her head right along with her daughter.
While this year was Jaime’s first, Donna has bared her head five times so far.
“It’s just a way to show my gratitude for my good health and that of my family,” she said.
April White, who raised almost $3,000, shaved her head in honor of her cousin Kristy Lyn Haley who died seven years ago at the age of 21 of melanoma.
“It’s very emotional,” said April, who was decked out in shades of green from her shamrock suspenders to her false eyelashes. She had even colored her newly shorn head emerald. “I knew I would cry thinking about her. And it’s hard to shave your head but it’s easy for me when I think of what people with cancer go through with chemotherapy and other treatments.”
Scott Rikert, a member of the Northport Lacrosse’s Team that raised more than $24,000, has shaved his head five years in a row for the event. “This is a phenomenal fundraising activity,” said Scott, also a member of the Paddywhackers who were visible all over Napper Tandy’s Saturday in their green and white soccer-style jerseys.
“We’re just a bunch of local Northport Irish people who love our kids,” he said. “I feel privileged to participate.”
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