Monday, June 4, 2007

Town prepares Crab Meadow for summer

Town of Huntington bulldozers graded the sand on Crab Meadow Beach Friday, May 18 in preparation for the start of the busy summer season that unofficially began Memorial Day weekend.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Preservation legislation subject of public hearing


Northport’s picturesque Main Street is one of its chief assets as far as the value of homes as well as drawing outside visitors. That’s according to Mayor George Doll, at right in photo, and Trustee Henry Tobin, at left, among others, who are pressing for amended Architectural Historic Review Board legislation that will protect buildings that have historic significance.

“It came to our attention that our beautiful buildings, which represent Northport, are protected from renovation but not from elimination. When we began looking at the ‘Archie’s’ code closer we realized that they can deny a demolition permit but it’s not binding,” Mayor Doll said in an interview Tuesday.

“We found someone can apply to Archie’s for a demo permit and they can deny it but then the person can just say, ‘Thank you very much’ and go get their demo permit from the Building Department. We went to [Village Attorney] Jim Matthews and said we want to make it binding. He said we had to have a reason for denying the demolition permit and the way we can do that is through historic preservation legislation. But this really doesn’t change much. People still need to come before the Archie’s for approval on facades and signs. All that changes is the Archie’s can deny a demo permit on the grounds of historical significance.”

Scudder Park Upgraded


Despite having a pavilion, playground and grills not to mention a beach, Scudder Park on Beach Street in Northport Village is not used as much as Northport Beach on Eaton’s Neck Road.

On a recent sunny afternoon, not a soul was on the beach or playground except the occasional dog walker, although the parking lot to the west of the beach had several occupied cars parked on the waterfront lot and a large boat was launched from the boatramp.

Michael Picchicella, a resident of nearby Fox Lane, said he comes for a quick lunchtime dog walk with his pug. “It’s quick. It’s here,” he said. “It might be empty because it’s next to a sewer plant,” he added, but then said he was “just joking.”

Dirt pile destroys neighboring property's garage


Last summer, on August 19, a large pile of dirt fell from Cavagnaro Mason Supply property on Brightside Avenue in East Northport on to the garage located on the neighboring property causing a 3,000-square-foot one-story garage to be severely damaged.

The building on the Brightside Avenue property, currently owned by Dave and Margaret Weber who also own Seymour’s Boatyard, has served for 40 years as a sort of adjunct storage and repair facility for the waterfront boatyard on Bayview Avenue in Northport Village, even before the Webers owned the business.