Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Town-installed Bulkhead ‘Disappearing,' According to Village Activist


Village resident and civic activist Sally Wadsworth says the bulkhead installed by the Town of Huntington two years is ago at the so-called clammers dock is literally “disappearing.”

“Whatever they built is not right for our conditions,” she said, presenting the Board with photographs showing the rapid deterioration. “It’s not very environmentally friendly. It’s ugly. It looks like we don’t care about it. Someone is going to hurt themselves. Or lose a dog. Things are falling into the harbor.”

And when she informed the Northport Village Board of this at its Tuesday, May 1 meeting, Mayor George Doll, a lobsterman by trade, said he thoroughly agrees.

“It’s been falling in since [the Town] built it,” he said. “I’m glad you have the picture of the south slip because when the contractor jettied the material in there he dug up the bottom and there were all kinds of rocks, batteries, everything and we asked him, ‘are you going to take that out?’ and he said, ‘no. In fact, I’m not allowed to take that out.”

DEC Approves Water Authority's Drilling Request


After four days of hearings in September and almost eight months of deliberating by an administrative law judge, the State Department of Environmental Conservation has recommended that the Suffolk County Water Authority be allowed to drill into the deepest and oldest water-bearing layer of the Long Island aquifer system, the Lloyd Aquifer.

After the hearing last fall, state DEC Administrative Law Judge Maria E. Villa said that the SCWA should be granted a waiver from a 20-year-old moratorium disallowing drilling in the well, located near the Veteran’s Administration Hospital on Middleville Road in Northport, according to the 75-page document decision written on May 7 but released June 5.